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Hydraulic Core Stripper

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Made in the USA


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  • Hydraulically Powered “Shear-Action” Blade

  • Cut Material Falls Directly into Container Below

  • Dual Push Button Operation Features Anti-Repeat Interlock

  • Optional Blade Carrier Attachment Helps You Safely Replace Dull Blades

  • Jack Screw Makes Cut Depth Adjustments Easy and Fast, without Resetting Limit Switches

  • Available in Sizes for Stripping Up to 66” Long X 23” Diameter Cores

  • Easy Loading, Swing Out Mandrel with Electrical Interlock Keeps Hands Away from Blade at all Times on Models CS-42, CS-54, CS-66


Core strippers, also referred to as roll cutters, roll splitters, or stub roll strippers, automate the process of removing remaining valuable material from the core. Core stripping machines turn a time-consuming and potentially hazardous chore into a short, simple and safe routine that can be performed by one employee in significantly less time.

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  • An employee loads the core with the remaining material on the arbor of the core stripper (the core stripper will only operate when the arbor is in the closed and locked position on the CS-42, CS-54 & CS-66 models).
    The CS-18 & CS-32 models will only operate when the flip up cover is in the closed position.

  • The employee initiates the knife cycle. (The core stripper will not function unless both hands are used to activate the cycle.)

  • A few seconds later, when the material has been removed by the blade, the employee removes the stripped core, which can be reused in production and the stripped material recycled.

Corestripper Models

5 Corestripper Models.png

*Machines are designed for 3” I.D. Minimum Cores



Does your business fall into any of the following categories?

-Label Manufacturing
-Paper Manufacturing
-Envelope Manufacturing
-Box Manufacturing
-Envelope Manufacturing
-Food processors
-Packaging manufacturing
-Foil Manufacturing
-Recyclers (plastic, paper, etc.)
-Document Destruction Companies
-Paper and Plastic Brokerage


At, we specialize in revolutionizing the way you handle the valuable material remaining on your cores—whether they're at the center of rolls of paper, film, foil, non-woven materials, noise suppression wrap, or other substrates. If your personnel are currently engaged in the manual cleaning of cores using razor knives or power saws, this method is time-consuming and poses serious risks to your employees.

Optimize your production processes and prioritize workplace safety with one of our five Core Stripper models, proudly built in the USA. Don't waste precious time and put your workforce at risk when a more efficient and safer solution is at your fingertips.

With, you can effortlessly recycle the valuable material on your cores, speed up your production, and enhance workplace safety. Don't let your business fall behind—strip it with Core Stripper.

For more details or inquiries, contact us at: Phone: 267-272-5089 Email:


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