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Hydraulic Butt Roll Cutter &
Core Stripper Efficiency

corestripper nc 3.jpg

Loading a core onto the arbor of the core stripper initiates the efficiency of our technology. On CS-42, CS-54, and CS-66 models, the core stripper operates only when the arbor is securely closed and locked. For CS-18 and CS-32 models, the machine is activated solely when the flip-up cover is closed.
Initiating the knife cycle is a breez
e. The employee activates the cycle using both hands, ensuring a secure and controlled operation. This safety measure enhances the user experience and adds an extra layer of protection and streamlined process during the core-stripping process.
The blade's precision removes the remaining material from the core within seconds. Once the cycle is complete, the employee can effortlessly retrieve the stripped core, ready for reuse in production. Meanwhile, the stripped material, now
separated, is primed for recycling. This swift and effective process optimizes production and contributes to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

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