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Hydraulic Core Stripper
Simple & Safe


Simple & Safe

Welcome to the future of core-stripping with our Hydraulic Core Stripper – where simplicity meets safety to redefine your workflow. Often known as roll cutters, roll splitters, or stub roll strippers, our core strippers are the epitome of efficiency and workplace safety.
Say goodbye to the laborious and potentially hazardous chore of manually removing valuable material from the core. Our core stripping machines automate this process, transforming it into a short, simple, and safe routine that a single employee can effortlessly perform. This innovative technology saves time and ensures a safer workplace environment.
In the realm of core stripping, time is money. Our machines are designed to streamline operations, turning what used to be a time-consuming task into a quick and efficient routine. With the Hydraulically Powered "Shear-Action" Blade, the cut material effortlessly falls into a container below, keeping your workspace organized and productive.
Safety is paramount in every workplace; our core strippers prioritize it without compromise. The Dual Push Button Operation with an Anti-Repeat Interlock minimizes the risk of accidents, making the core stripping process efficient and significantly safer. The optional Blade Carrier Attachment and Jack Screw for cut depth adjustments further enhance the safety features, ensuring a secure and user-friendly experience.
Our core strippers are available in various sizes, catering to cores of different dimensions. From smaller cores to larger ones, there's a model to suit your specific needs. The CS-42, CS-54, and CS-66 models feature an Easy-loading Swing Out Mandrel with an Electrical Interlock, ensuring that operators can confidently perform their tasks, knowing their hands are kept away from the blade at all times.
At the heart of our core stripper technology is the commitment to simplicity and safety. The safety and simplicity of the Core Stripper transform the core-stripping process and contribute to a more productive and secure workplace. Embrace the future of core stripping with our state-of-the-art Hydraulic Butt Roll Cutter & Core Stripper – where simplicity and safety converge for unparalleled efficiency.

We are located in Quakertown, PA and will ship Nationwide!

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